Looking Back to Move Forward!

I'm always up for trying something new!

What a thing to say, huh?! Well that’s exactly what I feel like I’ve been doing for the past few years while trying to decide which direction my life would take when I “grow up”! This may come as a shock to many since I am already 31 years old. I am a firm believer in the theory that you are never done growing, learning and changing which is evidenced through my many career endeavors. I’ve been in the Air Force as a lab tech, worked in a lumber yard and finally decided to go back to school to be an accountant.

So what’s a future accountant doing writing a blog about quilting– and heirloom quilting at that? Well I can tell you it definitely is NOT about the money. How I wish I was making tons and tons of money selling my quilts! But I’m not, at least not yet anyway. Just recently and with a not so gentle push from my mother-in-law (who politely suggested I should start trying to make my love of quilting a paying hobby) I’ve been looking for way to do that.

After reading any magazine, website, or flyer about quilting I could get my hands on I realized my passion in quilting lies in creating heirloom pieces to be passed down through as many generations as possible. This also got me to thinking about another passion I have which is genealogy. How could I combine the two? I decided the best way to do this is by making memory quilts, also called photo or signature quilts, for people and also providing quality quilts for those events in life that we celebrate, graduation, a birth, or a wedding.

This blog is about my journey to make my quilting dreams a reality, my experiments, techniques, and tips that I can pass on to you, my readers, about quilting heirlooms, and finding ways to connect them to family history and celebrating life’s special events. So sit back, buckle up and lets take this journey together!