Taking the Stress off!

I’d love to start this blog off by listing all the ways in which I was very busy over the last week or so. Homework, housework, kids, etc. but when you really look at the time that slipped away the only thing I can say is that I totally failed the challenge I set for myself last week.

008I managed to get in some time to practice the stem stitch, but the lattice stitch was left in the dust. The fact is, I AM a busy person and embroidery is one of the ways that I unwind and relax. It helps my brain calm down and process all of the information from the day. It also helps me remain calm before a quiz or test so I can think clearly.

This year has been a year of reflection for me. There are a few things I’ve discovered about myself. It may not seem like it but I do have a system for doing things, and getting them done. It might take me three years, like it does to get a quilt done for family, or I might eat, sleep, and drink it for the next two weeks till it is done. But it works for me. Challenges help some people learn faster or better, and others like me just need to let it evolve. That’s what I am challenging myself; to just be content with me, and to let my crafts evolve in the way that works best for me, by just letting them flow.

I’m hoping that by taking the stress off of this aspect of my life it will also help de-stress the other areas of my life as well!


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