The Signature Quilt

One of my many interests besides quilting is geneology. I love it when I find ways to combine the two interests together. In an earlier post I had commented about a signature quilt that I was working on for a family reunion. It was finished and raffled off.

The finished quilt was appr. 48″ x 48″

The reunion is held in Evanston, Wyoming and people come from all over the area to attend. Everyone really enjoyed helping create this quilt, knowing they were a part of something that would be passed down for generations to come.

At the end of the day the quilt was raffled off and the lucky winner was able to take it home with them


Making this special signature quilt was a two-year process. The first year I pieced the quilt blocks and sent them to the reunion to be signed. After the reunion my Mom sent the blocks back to me to be sewn together into the quilt.

I enjoyed making the quilt this way. It was a great teaser to let them see the quilt blocks and have no reference as to what the quilt would look like when finished. As part of the quilt we included a photo block of the common ancestor we all hail from. It was then quilted on my domestic sewing machine. It took 20 sewing hours to complete the quilt. I can’t wait to get started on my next signature quilt, maybe it’ll be yours!

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