Back After a Break

Ever wonder what superwoman would look like if she was real? She definitely wouldn’t look like me. I found that out after this spring semester beat me to a pulp.

I figured that I was definitely a superwoman, and that taking 19 credit hours, 6 classes, I would still be able to sew and have plenty of time to play with my boys as well. unfortunately that was not the case. Those classes were a lot tougher than I thought they would be. Most of the work came from the group projects that had been assigned 4 total.

So now that’s over I’m looking forward to getting back on here and back in my sewing room, posting about what I’m doing. I’ve got some exciting projects I hope to be posting about. I’m working on a signature quilt that was signed at a family reunion last year. It will be sewn together, quilted and raffled off at this years reunion. I also have 2 lap quilts that are a Christmas present. Those I really need to get done ASAP. There are more projects that are in the creative stages as well.

Stay tuned while I create Memories One Stitch at a Time!

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