Sewing for a Cause

I’ve blogged before about my wonderful quilt guild that I’ve been attending, and how wonderful it is to be a part of it. I’ve also blogged about my goal of sewing at least 20 min. a week. This post is a combination of the two!

At last month’s guild meeting, a group of ladies had brought in a hand quilted quilt that needed a binding sewn on. Typically most quilters HATE to put the binding on. It’s a very tedious but important job. The binding, which is the last step in finishing a quilt, can easily make or break the quilt!

As this was brought up and we all sat there waiting for someone else to volunteer to do it, the silence was suddenly broken by a voice that sounded eerily familiar, “I’ll do it! I love to bind quilts!” I was shocked to realize that was my very own voice!

I do love to bind quilts and enjoy the finishing the quilt. For those who know me, I have a habit of starting projects and then taking forever to finish them. So it’s a small victory for me every time I get to put that last stitch in the binding and can declare the quilt finished!

Binding this quilt would be a way to start my goal of sewing for 20 min. a week, and for also helping cement my commitment to the guild. A way to break the ice, so to speak.

It took me NINE hours total, squaring the quilt, sewing the binding on, then hand sewing it down. I even learned a new technique to help make the binding look more professional!

Quilt binding

A close up of the actual binding being sewn on.

Here are a couple of pictures showing what I did. I didn’t take many, or even one of the quilt when it was finished. I hope one of the other ladies got one for me! The quilt was made as a donation for the hospital auxiliary auction to raise money for the local hospital.

hospital auxiliary quilt
I really need to get shelves to have more sewing space!

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