Motivation and the Beast of Lazy

Motivation is one of those mystical words: What is it? Where do you find it? And more importantly, how do you keep it once you have it?

The motivation for this quilt came from the fact it was a Christmas present and my sister wanted to learn to piece a top together.

This seems to happen to me every time I decide on a chosen path to my goals. I LOVE the planning process. I can spend hours, days, even weeks, making plans. This can sometimes drive my husband crazy, I’m sure, especially since he’s more of a go with the flow kind of guy. I’m not a control freak when it comes to plans, and quite frequently my plans change, which is another reason I’m sure my insistence that we plan ahead drives people nuts!

One draw back to making plans and putting so much energy into them is that when it finally comes time to execute the plan, you’ve used up all your energy and motivation. For this reason, we planners can come across as being unambitious, flighty, and just plain lazy.

This is the point I find myself today. I’m asking myself: What do I do next? How do I find my motivation? How do I keep it going? For this, I think I’m going to take a page out of the proverbial writer’s handbook and try to sew something even if it’s small like a coaster or a hot pad. Just one thing a week. Just 20 min a week! I’ll post my progress here each week starting next week! Let’s see what I can come up with!

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