Where to go?

For anyone starting out this can be a hard question to answer. Where is the best place to go for materials? Who is the best person to get your information from? Is there a good place to go for classes and instruction? There is enough of a debate about the best places to go for materials so I’ll leave that for another day. Today I want to let you all in on a little secret that I’ve discovered.

This spring I dragged Betty, my other mother-in-law, to a quilt show. It was at a local church hosted by the historical society and the local quilt guild.  The Creative Stitcher’s

This quilt was my "ticket" into the guild

guild was auctioning a queen size quilt. Since the show was free to attend, I decided to buy $5 worth of tickets. We looked around at all the lovely quilts and left. I was shocked when I found out I had won the quilt a few days later! One of the members of the guild brought the quilt to me at my son’s soccer game. While talking to her she invited me to attend the guild meeting later that same night. Wow! My first guild invitation! It would have been spectacular except for the fact that I wouldn’t be able to make it for a few more months.

I have since attended two guild meetings. My husband makes fun of me since the guild is run through the senior citizens’ center in nearby Greenville, IL. I am one of the youngest by at least 20 years, and there’s another reason he gives me such a ribbing. You see, I’m older than my husband by 2.5 years, so the old jokes fly regularly around my house!

I joined the guild as a card-carrying member on Sept. 1, 2011. I decided after attending the first meeting I couldn’t pass up this great opportunity for networking and camaraderie. These ladies have all been quilting for years longer than I have, some even longer than I’ve been alive. They have massive amounts of information and the time to teach it to someone who wants to know what they do. I’ve already been privy to the guild’s lessons. They have contributors come in to each guild meeting and present a lesson in quilting techniques, information or just plain fun. They also have a show and tell session where guild members and guests can bring in their projects and show them off. During the first meeting I attended, I was privileged to be shown a quilt that was made back in the 1850’s or 1890’s! This last meeting, I met a lady who routinely does t-shirt quilts. You can bet I’ll be getting in contact with her to pick her brain for information!

These are just a few reasons that your local guild’s and senior centers are a great source of information. I encourage anyone who is starting out in a new hobby to check out both of these places to see what you can learn! I know I’ll be keeping you posted!

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