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Comment #1

Clues about the age of a quilt by Penny Halgren

One of the quilter’s in my guild brought a quilt she found
in her attic to our last meeting. This post came just in time for me to take
this information back to her. She was looking for a way to verify when she
thought the quilt had been made. I’ll be using that link often myself I’m sure
to judge quilts at flea markets and garage sales!

Comment #2

Cool Hunters“- Next Big Job? By Sarah Rhoner

I bet there are a lot of teens out there who’d like access to this information as well! I definitely think this is one of those areas where the more diversity you have in your background the better. Anytime you are entering a research field the more perspectives you can have the better!

How would you go about getting into this career? Are there classes you can take or is it just capitalizing on skills you’ll learn during your PR education?

Comment #3

How Blogging Taught Me to Be a Writer

September 15, 2011 by Lee Laughlin

As a beginning blogger I found this post particularly
helpful! Especially the part about letting a post rest. I feel the same way. If
you write something you should let it sit, walk away from it and do something
completely unrelated before coming back and rereading it. I’ve often found what
I wrote was what I intended, but sometimes I come back and have to ask myself
“what was I thinking?”

Comment #4

October 4~ Handmade Holiday Inspiration by Kristin Link

This is just what I need. I’m a member of a quilt guild and
they all have cute name tags. So far I’m nameless. But this will solve that
problem. I can’t wait to try them out!

Comment #5

Wedding Dress Quilts by Penny

What an awesome idea! Being a mother of two boys myself, I
doubt I’ll ever need to pass on my wedding dress. I’m very interested in memory
quilts and heirloom quilting and love to read about new ideas and  possibilities for any future quilt I might
make. The only problem I’ve come across is that I’ll probably have to live to
be 100 to get it all done!

Comment #6

Upcycled Antique Quilt by Elizabeth

How inspirational! I love hearing about family heirlooms,
and everything about them. I especially love memory quilts, made from t-shirts
and old clothing in grandma and grandpa’s closet. However, I have never thought
of how to reuse quilts that had already been made. This has inspired me to try
a new way of thinking, and looking at how things can be transformed and still
retain their sentimental and historical value!

Comment #7

Sign Language by Paige

What an inspiring story. My husband has a cousin who is
deaf. He’s the oldest cousin, so a lot of the family knows how to sign. I
however do not. I know very few signs and sometimes feel left out of the
conversation. Where are you taking your signing class at? Do you find it hard
to learn?

Comment #8

A Quilt for my Hubby by Etty

I’m in the same boat you are! My husband has been waiting
patiently for me to get around to making his quilt! We’ve been married for
almost 8 years now and he doesn’t have one yet. I’m hoping to get one made for
him by our 10 year anniversary, if not before!

Comment #9

Gratitude Smatitude by Snide Reply

I totally relate to your blog! Just recently I was talking to some friends and they were all saying that when you give a gift you can’t be upset if the recipient doesn’t like it. I had to disagree with them. Both parties are allowed to be disappointed and show it. I think too often people are put in compromising situation by acting like they have different feelings then they really do. I’d rather know someone doesn’t like a gift I’ve given them rather then be giving them a similar gift later on and them having to graciously accept that one as well! I think that starts a vicious cycle that can end relationships of all kinds.

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